Massachusetts Hang Gliding Association
May 2017: Greylock is open for the season. We no longer use Gould's hay field. The new bailout field is nearby in Greylock Glen. See the Greylock page for more information. 

Welcome to the Massachusetts Hang Gliding Association web pages. This site contains descriptions to hang gliding and paragliding sites at western Massachusetts' State Parks, site rules, and a bit about the club.

Our Mission

  • Represent local and regional pilots in meetings with local, State, and national entities that may regulate the sport or sites at which it is practiced.
  • Educate the general public about the sport of Hang Gliding, and enforce safe flying procedures.


Mohawk Trail

Mt Greylock


Club Profile

An informal club, with few meetings, and a focus on what it takes to keep us flying...but flying comes first!

Formed in 1975, we are a small band of very experienced local pilots who work with more conventional clubs and schools in the region to facilitate flying from area mountains. We foster long term relationships with State and other land owners at our sites.

The dues are voluntary, the flying is great, and the folks here have been doing this since the earliest days of the sport. Come join us!